You have the right to representation

Have you ever been called into the office only to be questioned, and, later disciplined?

You are not alone. But, you have rights. You have Weingarten Rights. These rights enable you access to a union representative if you are being asked questions that you reasonably believe could lead to discipline, or if in any way, you're asked to defend your conduct. For more information about this, or other work-related concerns, contact your Union Representative.

When it comes to discipline within the workplace, it is extremely important for employees to know their rights. The law affords public sector employees within California due process when it comes to matters of discipline. Here is a brief overview of what you need to know.

You have a right to representation. If you are called into a meeting with management, you have the right to know the subject of the meeting. If you reasonably believe that the meeting could lead to discipline, you have the right to representation. You must ask for that right; management does not have to offer it to you. Call your union representative immediately; that's what we are here for!

California has strict due process requirements for conficts between State employers and public employees.

In 1975, the California Supreme Court, in the case of Skelly v. State Personnel Board, declared that public employees in a permanent employment status have a property interest in their employment. An employer does not have the right to deprive an employee of their property interest (this includes suspensions, dismissals, etc.) without affording the employee "due process."